Hear My Song Benefit Concert

Each year we put on a benefit concert to raise money for organizations that help the LGBT community. If you would like to attend the concert or view the live stream at home, please click here to purchase your tickets (100% of the proceeds will go to the LGBT charities listed). If you would like to contribute to overhead costs of putting on the show, please donate using the form below. We are not currently a nonprofit organization and therefore donations are not tax deductible at this time, however 100% of all funds raised minus venue costs will go directly to the following nonprofit charities: Essex County LGBT RAIN Foundation, Garden State Equality, and NJ Planned Parenthood. Thank you for your generosity, and we hope you enjoy the show!

Donation Form

Please note! Due to the peculiarities of payment confirmation mechanism in PayPal, in order for your donation to be registered on our website, you must click on the "Return to Merchant" (or "Return to hearmysongevents@gmail.com") link after the payment on the PayPal payment page. Thank you for your understanding.

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